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Commercial Catamaran Workboat

Workboats can be large or small vessels but traditionally refers to the operating conditions and extensive running hours a boat may experience. STEYR MOTORS has a strong tradition of powering workboats for the commercial and military sectors in both shaft, sterndrive and jet applications.

One of the key success factors of STEYR MOTORS in workboats is the monoblock system. As the “Monoblock” consists of the engine block and cylinder head being manufactured into one piece, it ensures that the traditional problems identified with diesel engines such as blown head gaskets are eliminated. Supporting this is the engines electronic engine management system which provide diagnostic feedback information and allows for a quick diagnosis to get the vessel back on the water. Perhaps the most important issue for commercial applications is the STEYR MOTORS mechanical injector which is capable of withstanding a range of fuel qualities and can perform in conditions that traditional electronic injectors cannot.

STEYR MOTORS is suitable for a range of vessel constructions including plate alloy, composite materials and fibreglass. Common uses of STEYR MOTORS in workboats includes fast rescue craft, inflatable ribs, landing barges, water taxies, ferries, long line fishing vessels, crab boats, net boats, charter vessels and crew transfer.

These commercial and military applications are often seen coupled to Alamarin Jet, Hamilton Jet and Konrad Sterndrives. Jet drives are a popular choice due to the benefits of lower maintenance and shallow water capability. The U.S. manufactured Konrad drive offers a robust sterndrive solution suitable for commercial applications.  The Konrad drive is well known for its oversized bearings and thicker walled casings ensuring longevity.

In all cases, STEYR MOTORS Australia can offer these drive systems as part of a package for the customers commercial or military solution.