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RG32 Military Vehicle

Military and commercial settings often need the ability to operate on a wide range of fuels where the normally-used diesel might not be available either during combat operations or due to lack of availability.

STEYR MOTORS diesel engines are specifically manufactured with multi fuel development in mind. Design and material selection have been especially matched to operate the engines with many types and qualities of fuels like Diesel (F54, EN 590ff), Kerosene (JP8 / F34) or Maritime Diesel fuel. Extensive tests by the factory have been completed where testing of different fuel types occurred, comparative ratings were undertaken for these fuel types and reliability is documented for low lubricity fuels (Jet A-1 / JP-8).

The use of multifuels is all thanks to the two stage mechanical unit injection system of the STEYR MOTORS diesel engine which has been a centre piece of the engine design since its release in 1990. This design offers many advantages over common rail injectors and can run various grades of distillate when used in conjunction with the fuel density kit.

Further, STEYR MOTORS has the unique capability of its engine range to run on B100 fuel. In simple terms, STEYR MOTORS engines are capable of running on 100% Bio Diesel that is made to Australian Standards (Bio Diesel Standard 2003). This includes fuels made from recycled oils e.g. coconut.