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Hybrid Technology

As a European Manufacturer, STEYR MOTORS has always complied with the highest emissions standards including Tier III and Bodensee II, RCD 2003/44, EPA and IMO. The result is a range of engines with impressive “GREEN” Credentials using innovative design features to achieve this.

The company’s 2 stage unit injection system not only reduces emissions but enable the use of a range of fuels including biofuels. The factory approves the use of 100% Bio Diesel in the company’s range of engines and complies with the Australian Standards for Bio Diesel (Bio Diesel Standard 2003).

The gradual introduction of Hybrid power systems into the Australian marine market has allowed savvy customers to make informed and environmentally friendly decisions. With that in mind STEYR MOTORS developed the World’s first serial Hybrid Propulsion System. The environmentally friendly hybrid solution guarantees zero emissions and provides low speed manoeuvring as well as eliminating the need for separate generator units for other onboard equipment. The 7 KW electric drive mode allows for an average speed of five knots using solely electric propulsion and switches to the combustion engine with an easy turn of the ignition key. The propulsion system is then boosted by the electric drive and secures a quicker acceleration response from the diesel engine and lowering fuel consumption.