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Parallel Hybrid Technology

STEYR MOTORS offers an environmentally friendly hybrid solution that guarantees zero emissions and provides low speed manoeuvring as well as eliminating the need for separate generator units for other onboard equipment. The ‘zero emission’ electric drive mode allows for a speed of 5 knots using solely electric propulsion and switches to the combustion marine diesel engine with an easy turn of the ignition key.

 The ingenious propulsion system is then boosted by the electric drive and secures a quicker acceleration into the planning phase lowering fuel consumption and improving response and dynamics. Due to the units’ brushless permanent magnet generator, maintenance costs are significantly reduced and ensure ease of service.

 Starter Mode

In Starter Mode, the combustion marine diesel engine can be started with the electric motor. The conventional starter motor can be eliminated or will remain as a redundant solution.

 Generator Mode

In Generator Mode, the extended battery pack is optimised and charged.

 Electric Cruise Mode

In Electric Cruise Mode, the boat is driven purely by the electric motor.  The battery pack is constantly monitored on its state of charge and battery condition through the use of the  STEYR Control Center (SCC).

 Boost Mode

In the lower speed range, depending on dynamic requirements of the driver and the battery condition, the Boost Mode is used and the combustion engine is then supported by the massive torque of the electric motor. The E-motor supports the coupling and decoupling of the combustion engine. An improved response of the drive unit occurs through the boost mode.

Output Charge Length Dry Weight
7 Kw @ 48V 5 Kw @ 56V 100 mm 75Kg