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SMSSP_001 M160035D-002.1145

6 Cylinder Diesel Engine

Used extensively in Military and light commercial operations throughout the world, the STEYR MOTORS automotive diesel engine range is available in 4 and 6 cylinder. Featuring the robust Monoblock design and cooling attributes of it’s Marine counterpart, the automotive engines offer reliability and safety in any environment.

The unique and robust MONOBLOCK design, engine block and cylinder head made from high grade alloy cast iron, without limitation in cooling and unrivaled roundness of the cylinder, give exceptional life time for the liner.


  • Chrome-Molybdenum forged crankshaft, dynamically balanced
  • Pistons are cast from high silicon aluminium with oil cooling gallery and a ceramic coated top ring
  • Hardened valve-seats high performance NIMONIC valve material
  • Elastic coupling on flywheel, design matched depending on application

Lubrication System

  • Exchangeable oil filter cartridge
  • Closed crankcase breathing system
  • Single or dual oil pump for extreme operating parameters

Fuel System

  • Integrated high pressure unit injector up to 2,000 bar with dual stage fuel injection technology, operated by overhead camshaft and rocker arms
  • Electric fuel pump (automatic bleeding capability)
  • Exchangeable fuel filter cartridge

Charging System

  • Sequential charging or single-stage intercooled charging