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Mining Barge Repower

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Certainly not your usual marine application! After years of faithful service in the harsh environment, the STEYR Motors engines in this mineral sand barge were due for an upgrade at the barges midlife refurbishment.

This custom built vessel is of a steel construction and at a length of 9 metres, weighs up to 20,000kg fully loaded. The barge is fitted with 2 x STEYR Motors SE196,190Hp diesel engines and Mercruiser Bravo II Drives to provide the necessary support roll to the Sand Mining Concentrator and the surrounding infrastructure.

In this application the engines are subjected to extreme environmental conditions, but our commercially rated, purpose built STEYR Marine Engines are up to the job! Based on the unique Monoblock construction, the 6 cylinder unit injected engine is specifically designed to withstand some of the toughest extremes dealt to them by their owners.