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Hovercraft Success

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STEYR Motors has a strong tradition in Hovercraft and Airboat applications and the latest one is no exception. MD Rob McIntyre recently sea trialled the newest vessel by Mariah Hovercraft featuring the STEYR Motors MO286, 280Hp. Mariah Hovercraft has expertise in Commercial and military hovercraft applications and manufactures a range of small and large craft to meet customers expectations

The STEYR Motors powered Hurricane Cargo Craft specifications below:

Length: 7.5 metres
Width: 3.1 metres
Height: 2.4 metres
Weight: 1500 Kgs
Payload: 2000 kgs
Cushion Height: 300 mm
Speed- Max: Up to 50 knots
Electronic Fuel Injection & Meets Current Emission Rules
Starting: Electric Start
Battery: 12volt 520 CCH, Optional 2nd battery is available
Propulsion: Multi Wing 6/6 WL Fan, Polyamide Glass Fill Blades