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Passenger Hovercraft

The STEYR MOTORS engine range allows for flexibility in applications including amphibious systems which can use either automotive or marine diesel engines.

Hovercraft are often found in tourist and transport industries and require a robust, compact diesel engine to power the vehicle. While an automotive diesel engine can be used, marine engines are also suitable once modified for the application by adapting the marine cooling system to a more automotive style .

Applications can be single or dual engine installations and depends on the size of hovercraft and manufacturing material of the vessel. Therefore, the STEYR MOTORS Diesel engine range is best suited up to a maximum length of 12.5 meters. STEYR MOTORS can also provide an off the shelf engine, complete with Air Conditioning compressors, Hydraulic Pumps and air compressors, thus reducing the in house engineering requirement to retro fit these systems. It also gives full redundancy with two engines backing up each operating system.

Hovercraft customers of STEYR MOTORS includes China Hovercraft, Aerohod Russia, Mariah Hovercraft, Broome Hovercraft and Airlift Hovercraft.