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M12 2 Cylinder Diesel Engine

The STEYR MOTORS M12 2 cylinder diesel engine provides a range of opportunities in both civil and military applications for auxiliary power generation.

Its compact size and robust design using STEYR MOTORS technology makes it the perfect choice for applications requiring a portable yet quiet engine. Examples of suitable applications include mobile power generators, mobile lighting stands, forklift engine, Fire Engine Mobile Water Pressure Pump, Hydraulic pump station, mini vehicle engine, off grid power inclduing tower and home, aircraft GPU and range extended vehicle.

In the case of off grid living, solar energy alone cannot give the full 100% confidence that power will be available when it is most needed and the STEYR MOTORS M12 2 cylinder can be there to provide assistance and confidence within a hybrid system to deliver that power. Electrical consumption normally rises when the occupants of the home are getting ready for or  returning from school  or work. At some latitudes this coincides with the time when electrical generation via solar power is least effective at charging  the accumulator batteries and M12 will be there to provide direct power. Which means that you never have to worry about a complete loss of power just when it is needed most.

In some zones, day time air conditioning is required. On days where solar heating exceeds the ability of the planned solar arrays to cope with this increased demand for power the M12 generator can assist with power generation to ensure that internal temperatures within the accommodation module do not rise outside of the norm.  And still ensure there is enough power to keep the food refrigerator running. Fitted with a CAN bus controller .

The STEYR MOTORS M12 could be easily developed to work with industry solar controllers  such a by SMA. The SMA’s renewable energy controllers products are ready built around CAN bus control technology  to provide seamless switching  control between green ,renewable energy sources and instant, always available and dependable M12  sourced power. Switching on and off automatically to save operational costs and preserve piece of mind.

Where there is a need for secure remote location communications, the combination of solar panels \ battery technologies and the STEYR MOTORS M12 could provide all the energy needs for such structures and small communities not serviced by a conventional power grid. As the STEYR MOTORS M12 is one of the few engines of this size that is controlled by an ECU. Its health and operation can be remotely monitored using the very mobile technology that it is there to support. In the event of the renewable energy source collectors becoming compromised, the small, protected, efficient diesel electric engine would be able to continue to power the array until a technician was available to complete the required maintenance.

In the event of natural disaster often the infrastructure is too damaged to be available. Potable temporary renewable energy tower stations can be quickly flown in to assist in quickly re-establishing communications networks so that the general population can be readily reconnected to the outside world or coordinated by disaster relief personnel. The STEYR MOTORS M12 provide the perfect power to transportable emergency relief light communications centres.

The growth of the modern net-centric battle field arena will put a greater reliance on the need for electrical power during even the standby periods of military vehicles requiring that medium to large vehicles have an efficient method to service such needs.

As many of the legacy vehicles already designed and delivered and within existing inventories will not have such existing capabilities, a module is required to ensure that the M12 based APU solutions can easily be offered for such requirements.

This will entail some form of external fastening to the vehicle where space and access will not create a problem and will probably involve placement above or at the rear of the vehicle. Concepts and adaptation to achieve this should be studied to be able to ensure a readymade solution for the market and can be done in connection to the modular concept of the unit for Porto-cabins. In this manner a readymade solution can be ready for the market