Imagine the Future.....

with our Monoblock Marine Engine Family

STEYR MOTORS offers an extensive range of 4 and 6 cylinder engines suitable for a wide range of military, commercial and pleasure craft.

The basis behind the success of STEYR MOTORS has been the STEYR MONOBLOCKdesign which ensures the highest power density, reliability and safety under all operational profiles and environments.

STEYR MOTORS engines are specifically designed and built for Marine applications and due to their exceptional cooling provide reliable operation even under poor fuel conditions.

The STEYR MONOBLOCK DIESEL is a highly efficient single casting from special high tensile alloy. The design shows a "free liner", with a uniform and most effective cooling jacket, valve seats from "Stellit" material, inserted valve guides. Due to the fact that the design is free from high torque cylinder head bolts and gasket, there is no deformation to the roundness of the cylinders, no extra stress from different temperature levels.

The STEYR MONOBLOCK offers unlimited cooling water flow and provides uniform and effective cooling in the most critical upper section of the cylinder line. By comparison, conventional cylinder block and cylinder head designs result in "hot spots" causing extra stress due to varying temperature levels and pre-stress from cylinder head bolts.

The STEYR MOTORS engine family is also equipped with a high pressure STEYR Unit Injector with two stage injection nozzle and up to 2000 bar injection pressure. Design and material selection have been especially matched to operate the engines with many types and qualities of fuels like Diesel (F54, EN 590ff), Kerosene (JP8 / F34) or Maritime Diesel fuel.

Our smooth and lightweight design ensures the engines are the perfect choice for Saildrive, Shaft, Stern & Jet drive.